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Literary Agency   

Progetto Inediti Literary Agency was created to generally help authors - who have published or not yet published a work abroad - to find the suitable Italian Publisher for their Italian-translated works.

Our services of editorial agents help authors promoting their Italian-corrected texts to the Italian editorial world market, finding them the right Publisher. They also help Publishers to have good texts submitted, which, when published, will be appetizing offers to the bookshops.

Our text evaluation, proofreading, draft and other editing services are able to improve the content level and the style of an Italian-translated manuscript and they give far more potentials to the text before its submission to the Italian Publisher.

If you are a published or an unpublished author and you are interested to submit us your Italian-translated manuscript, please read before our submission guidelines listed hereunder. If you do not agree with anyone of our guidelines, be so kind not write us.



  1.     PI accepts only manuscripts and books which have already been translated in Italian and possibly which have already been published in any other language. PI do not accept poetry manuscripts.

  2.      To submit any writing please contact us before by sending a query letter to our e-mail . The query letter should include pertinent facts about yourself as a writer, previous publishing experiences (if any), a word count, a synopsis and 3 chapters (max 4) of your Italian-translated manuscript. Only after this previous contact, PI will evaluate and decide if your work is suitable to be submitted to an Italian Publisher.

  3.      Do not submit any of your material if you haven't sent before the query. PI will reject it without opening it.

  4.      If your work will be considered suitable, you will be contacted by us. At this moment you will have to send us by mail the entire manuscript translated in Italian. If you refuse to send the manuscript our working collaboration will not start.

  5.      If the text has already been published abroad, please send - attached in the e-mail or by fax (fax number 0039-(0)6-88328626) - a copy of the contract you undersigned with your Publisher.

  6.      In no case the material received by us will be returned. 

  7.      Be sure you retain a copy of your manuscript. PI takes all reasonable care of manuscripts or books received, but it can't take any responsibilities of the vagaries of the Post Offices. 

  8.       If, after reading the translated text, PI decides to correct the material and after that to submit it to an Italian Publisher, you must already agree now with that decision. If not, our work relationship will not start at all.

  9.      When PI will decide to work with you, you will receive an Editorial Mediation contract which will clarify legal roles of the two contractors: you and PI. 

  10.      Please undersign the contract and send it by Priority Mail to the address hereunder:

                                                             R. P. C. T.  S.r.l.


                                                             Piazza Filattiera, 48

                                                             00139 ROME - ITALYTALY


Manuscripts or emails about manuscripts which have not been already translated in Italian will not receive any answer.


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